Premium Usenet Newsgroup Services
NNTPjunkie is a company that has been operating and managing a wide variety of leading Usenet news and other Internet services for the past 10 years. This expertise, along with our eagerness to focus on customers' requirements, allows us to deliver a premium news service that is an unmatched value. Particular attention has been paid to those areas most important to Usenet access; reliability, speed, completeness of articles and long retention.

Over the last several years Usenet content has grown exponentially, and at this writing NNTPjunkie is receiving over 2000 GB of new postings daily. Smaller services struggle to support that growth, but our advanced server and network design allows NNTPjunkie to stay ahead of Usenet's continued expansion. Terabytes of storage are dedicated solely to newsgroup retention, and our load-balancing technology, server redundancy and multiple OC-12 networks ensure that our worldwide membership enjoys the fastest, most reliable Usenet connections in the industry.

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