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Subject: Price Reduction!

All new one month 30GB Accounts have been reduced to $9.95 per month and all one Month Unlimited Accounts have been reduced to only $12.95 per month! Both are amazing Usenet values!

Subject: Price Increases

Due to rising costs of hardware facilities, effective Sunday May 20th, there will be a modest price increase on all Unlimited accounts and monthly 30Gb accounts. This is applicable to both manual and auto-renew accounts.

Subject: 900 Days Retention!

NNTPjunkie's retention has recently grown to 900 days throughout all binary newsgroups, and we're currently keeping several years worth of retention within text based groups. To keep pace with Usenet content increases, NNTPjunkie performs routine retention increases during the course of the year, and we hope you find the recent increase useful!

Subject: Free Trial Account Increased To 14 Days!

As a courtesy to new visitors we've increased the time period on our free trial accounts! Instead of 2 days, visitors now have 14 days of free, unrestricted access to evaluate our service features before purchasing a membership!

We hope the additional evaluation time is helpful, and if you have friends who are looking for a reliable newsgroup provider please let them know about our no cost, no obligation trial!

Subject: Binary Newsgroup Retention Now 1 Year!

NNTPjunkie members now have access to a full year of retention in their favorite binary newsgroups! NNTP users will have to perform a one time header refresh within each group they access, while NZB users will have instant access to the extended retention without taking any additional action.

If you access the newsgroups via our Direct Read News web interface, we are actively working on a project to accommodate all 365 days of retained content, and we'll keep members updated on our progress with this project

Subject: 2-For-1 Unlimited Special

Purchase an 1-Month Unlimited download account for $14.95, and receive a second month of unlimited access absolutely free! 2 months of unlimited, unrestricted newsgroup access for the price of 1 month.

Simply purchase your 1-Month account through the following online signup area, and the free month will be automatically added to your account...

12-Month Unlimited accounts are also available at a steeply discounted rate of $149.95 year, which reduces your cost to just $12.50 month!

Subject: Newsgroup Access For Only $2 Month!

In these challenging economic times every dollar counts, which is why we've created a NNTPjunkie ByteSize account that delivers premium newsgroup access at a bargain price.

Receive complete text & binary newsgroup access for just $2 month, when you purchase a 6 month service term for just $12! NNTPjunkie ByteSize accounts include:

- 3 GB of monthly download capacity
- 32 concurrent connections
- SSL privacy encryption
- NNTP & Web newsgroup access
- Newsgroup search engine
- Unused capacity carries forward
- Free monthly download capacity

These accounts will be available for a limited time, so be sure to activate your account today...

Subject: Improved Photo Viewing in Direct Read News!

With the help of member suggestions Direct Read News has been enhanced to streamline the viewing, selecting & downloading of newsgroup photos!

When displaying a newsgroup in the "Advanced" view, a new "Preview Thumbnail" option will place a thumbnail next to each image posting. This should be a nice time saver when scanning large binary groups for photos of interest.

The "Album" and "Thumbnail" features have also been combine into a single "ThumbnailOnly" view, which displays newsgroup content as a thumbnail index. Three "view" links now appear at the top of the Direct Read News toolbar, and offer a seamless transition between different page layouts (Standard, Advanced, ThumbnailOnly).

Thumbnail previews can also be enlarged with a quick rollover of your mouse. Simply select the new "Mouseover Enlarges Thumbnail" option, place your mouse cursor over a thumbnail, and a larger preview of the thumbnail will be displayed along with helpful details related to the post (Date, Author, Subject). This option is defaulted to be always on but there is a new Preference setting in Preference > Display > Thumbnail display: Mouseover enlarges thumbnail to permanently turn that off. Of course, you can always override that setting temporarily by checking the "Mouseover Enlarges Thumbnail" option while you're in a group.

All of these features can be turned on or off with the click of an options box, and we hope that you find the improvements helpful!

Subject: Email Boxes Now Provide Support for IMAP!

NNTPjunkie email boxes now provide support for IMAP access! IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is the most convenient way to access mail when folks are accessing from more than one computer or device (i.e. PDA) as mail remains on the server and is not downloaded locally to your computer or device. Because mail remains on the server, there is no need to mail messages or files back and forth between computers and/or devices or keep track of what has been retrieved on what computer/device.

Should I use IMAP or POP? If you're accessing your NNTPjunkie mail from one computer, continue to use POP access. If you're accessing from more than one computer or device using an email software client, IMAP may be more convenient for you. Accessing your NNTPjunkie mail via IMAP is a simple process - open your email software and select the option to create a new account and choose IMAP when prompted for server type. Although each software client will have its own unique setup, the general settings to configure your email software are as follows:

IMAP Server Name:
IMAP Port Number: 143
IMAP SSL Port Number: 993 (SSL is typically an additional check box in the setup)

For those using the Spam Hippo feature "Protect an Outside Mailbox", the POP protocol is required to process that outside mail. If you would like to continue using the outside mailbox protection feature, you will need to also continue using the POP mail protocol as IMAP doesn't transfer mail.

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