Download Capacity When You Need It!
If you have a requirement for newsgroup download capacity above and beyond the amount allocated with your NNTPjunkie account, you can now use our "Bandwidth on Demand (tm)" feature to buy extra download capacity for your account, at the low cost of $2.50 / 5 GB and $15 / 30 GB.

Bandwidth on Demand can purchased through your Account Manager area on a 24x7 basis. This additional capacity is utilized only after your account's free capacity allocation has been depleted, and capacity purchased through Bandwidth on Demand may be carried forward for as long as your account is in service.

If you have a NNTPjunkie account and would like to purchase additional download capacity, simply click on the "Order Bandwidth Now" button that appears below. If you do not have a NNTPjunkie account and would like to activate one, please click "Activate An Account"