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Acceptance of News Policy
It is a condition to your use of the Service that you accept and agree to the NNTPjunkie Policy included in these subscription materials. By using the Service you acknowledge and agree that you have read and understand each provision of the News Policy, and you agree to comply with this Policy.

Subscription to NNTPjunkie
NNTPjunkie requires full payment for the Service before the Service may be accessed and used. Payment must be received before you may select your password and access the Service. In the event that payment is suspended or interrupted for any reason, then your account will be in default and subject to suspension or termination at NNTPjunkie's election. Termination of the account does not waive or limit any of your liabilities or obligations. Subscription rates may be changed from time to time, and any changes will be only be assessed on you for the next pay period. Any taxes and third party charges will be separately charged to you, in addition to the subscription rates for the Service.

Lawful Use of Service
In addition to use of the Service as described in the NNTPjunkie Policy, you further agree that you will not access or use the Service for any criminal or unlawful purposes; or for the transmission of any material in violation of any State or Federal laws or regulations, including, but not limited to any material:

a. in violation of United States Copyright Laws;

b. in violation of United States Trade Secret Laws;

c. previously judged to be threatening or obscene.

Disclaimer of Warranties
By your use of the Service, you acknowledge that NNTPjunkie is a provider of usenet news on the Internet, and as such makes no attempt to filter, censor, control, or regulate the flow of data, programs, software, graphical images, animations, merchandise, etc., on the Internet to or from any of its customers or any other provider or Internet user. Consequently, NNTPjunkie can make no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties for fitness of purpose or of merchantability, with regard to the quality, content, accuracy, validity, artistic worth, or even legality of the data, programs, graphical images, information, etc., that are available. You are also hereby cautioned that some of this material may be of an offensive or obscene nature. You further acknowledge that NNTPjunkie makes no representations with respect to the nature, quantity or quality of content obtain through the Service, and it makes no representations with respect to the speed of access to the Service. Essentially, NNTPjunkie will not be responsible for any damage that you may suffer from the loss of data resulting from nondeliverance, misdeliverance, delay, service interruptions or outages, or from any errors or omissions by NNTPjunkie or any of its customers.

You further acknowledge that you have read all of NNTPjunkie's intellectual property notices included with these subscription materials, and that you understand and agree with each of these notices. You understand that NNTPjunkie, the Service, and each of the trademarks used by NNTPjunkie to identify the Service, are separate and distinct from the goods or services provided by any other company, organization or service.

By using NNTPjunkie, you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless NNTPjunkie, its vendors and its affiliate companies, from any claims, including attorney's fees, arising from the use of the Service which causes any direct, special, or incidental damages to any other party.

Limitation of Liability
In no event will NNTPjunkie be liable for any damages, including loss of data, lost profits, cost of cover or other special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages arising from the use of the Service or the Software, however caused and on any theory of liability.

Password Protection
You are responsible for the protection of your password and for any authorized or unauthorized use made of your password. You hereby agree not to use, or permit others to use, the Service without authorization. NNTPjunkie will fully cooperate with all law enforcement authorities in the investigation and prosecution of any such illegal or malicious activities.

Termination of Service
You may terminate your use of the Services at any time by selecting the "Cancel Account" option in your Account Manager area. Payment of your subscription will entitle you to use the Service under the terms of this Agreement and NNTPjunkie Policy through the end of the period from which you have subscribed. NNTPjunkie will not reimburse to you any un-used subscription charges if you elect for any reason not to use the Service during any portion of the period for which you have subscribed. If you wish to terminate an auto-renewing account, members are responsible for selecting the "Cancel Account" option within their account manager page at least 24 hours prior to their account's next renewal date. NNTPjunkie does not offer refunds or credits on one month accounts.

Bandwidth on Demand
Our "Bandwidth on Demand™" feature allows members to add additional download capacity to their account's standard monthly capacity. There is no time limit on the use of this additional capacity, and it is treated separately from the standard capacity that comes with each account. Purchased capacity is made available to members until the expiration or termination of their account, at which time any excess capacity is removed. "Bandwidth on Demand" purchases are non-refundable, and there are no credits/refunds applied to unused capacity.

Confidentiality of Information
Membership information is treated as confidential and will not be sold or shared.
Personal information about a user will not be disclosed unless we are required to do so under applicable State and Federal laws, including without limitation, DMCA.

Usage Information - NNTPjunkie monitors our servers to the extent necessary to ensure that we are delivering a quality service and providing competent technical support. We do not monitor which newsgroups customers post to or download from, or the content of their message posts.
Civil/Criminal Investigations - While NNTPjunkie cooperates fully with law enforcement agencies, we will not release a customer's personal information unless directed to do so by a court order. If there is a hearing in court, the customer will be notified so they will have an opportunity to contest the surrender of personal information. In a criminal investigation NNTPjunkie is under a duty not to divulge the fact of the investigation to the customer.

Spam and Message Cancellations
Spam, defined as commercial messages posted to non-commercial news groups, off topic posts to a newsgroup, or large scale redundant posts, are not permitted on the service. This may also encompass situations where binary content is being misposted to non-binary newsgroups, or where multimedia files are being posted to non-multimedia newsgroups. Since there are existing newsgroups that cater to specific binary and multimedia content, there is no reason to mispost that content into inappropriate forums. Misposting of this nature is an inconvenience to Usenet users and it creates an expiration and storage problem for the newsgroups impacted by the off-topic postings. We will do our best to screen out these types of messages arriving from feed sources, from our own servers and from outbound feeds. Users posting spam messages will be cautioned the first time, then subscription terminated or placed on permanent post restriction, on the second occurrence. Binary posts originating from commercial services that; are not graphic ads, are routinely updated and are on topic for the group, will not be canceled. These services are welcome to place their URL's in the subject line of posts. Messages that are on topic will not be canceled for content and we will not mediate disputes arising within a newsgroup. The crucial element of usenet news is freedom of speech and we will not do anything that diminishes that right.

Both NNTPjunkie and the Usenet community are adamantly against newsgroup spam. Not only is spam destructive to the newsgroups, but it is damaging to Usenet news services that waste valuable resources having to process and remove that type of content. If you spam through your NNTPjunkie account, your account will be terminated, you'll be charged a $200 fee for damages and cleanup, and you'll be banned from future use of the service.

E-mail Service
Member is solely responsible for the contents of his/her transmissions through the Service. Member's use of the Service is subject to all applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations. Member agrees to comply with U.S. law regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the United States through the Service, not to use the Service for illegal purposes, not to interfere or disrupt networks connected to the service and to comply with all regulations, policies and procedures of networks connected to the Service. Members will not use the Service for chain letters, junk mail, spamming or any use of distribution lists to any person who has not given specific permission to be included in such a process. Member agrees not to transmit through the Service any unlawful, harassing, libelous, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable material of any kind or nature. Member further agrees not to transmit any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national or international law or regulation. Attempts to gain unauthorized access to other computer systems are prohibited. Member shall not interfere with another Member's use and enjoyment of the Service or another entity's use and enjoyment of similar services.

These terms and conditions supersede any and all other terms or conditions with respect to Services, and use of NNTPjunkie represents an acceptance of these terms and the terms of the NNTPjunkie. This Agreement will be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without reference to conflict of laws principles. Any dispute under this Agreement will be resolved by binding arbitration held in Santa Clara County, California, to be conducted by a single arbitrator mutually acceptable to the parties, applying the rules of the American Arbitration Association. For these purposes, by using the Service you submit to personal jurisdiction in Santa Clara County, California. The substantially prevailing party in any such dispute will be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys fees, costs and expenses from the other party. NNTPjunkie may change this Agreement at any time.